YOTTO – The Boss of the bassy synth

The deep house scene is littered with DJs and producers, from around the world – all putting their on spin and personality on the tracks they produce. As house has developed from the early Detroit and Chicago days, to the 90’s acid scene and onto the modern deep house sound we know and love today, for me there are certain producers and labels that stand out from the crowd.

I first became aware of Yotto a few years ago, hearing his 2015 track “Azzurro”, on a house compilation, becoming instantly hooked by his impressive catchy loops and build ups leading into fast paced drops. His debut ‘Azzurro/Memento‘ EP was praised massively from the the likes of Pete Tong and Dancing Astronaut, and with the support of the big guns, Yotto ramped it up, leading to a series of successful EPs and releases throughout the course of 2016.


Yotto, (AKA Otto Yliperttula) signed to London based label Anjunadeep, with the release of his first EP. Since then Yotto has grown and developed so quickly in a short period of time, perfecting his sound and performing live in venues around Europe, North America and Asia. 2016 really has been the year for him – 22 dates over the 3 continents, and 2017 shows no sign of slowing down. With the announcement of Anjunadeep UK label tour just recently, fans have been treated to a stellar line up from some of the label’s biggest hitting producers. Yotto is set to perform in 4 of the 6 UK dates in April alongside Dom Donnelly, Kidnap Kid, Lane 8, Luttrell, Way Out West, James Grant & Jody Wisternoff, closing at Brixton’s very own Phonox on April 29th.



Yotto’s been on my radar throughout 2016, as a producer that really caught my attention. With electronic music in general, and the sheer number out there these days, making music that differentiates itself from competition is a tricky affair. Yotto’s ability to create drama in his beats while still developing incredible progression within the track itself is what really interests me. I hear a track by Yotto and I know it’s Yotto. Not many producers have such a style that resonates with me in this way, and this is what makes him particularly special.


His track ‘Firewalk’ dropped on November 11th 2016, a single with both extended and original versions. For me the track is a culmination of a year’s worth of both experience and personal development. Developing and becoming the sound that I think will set to define him as a musician in the future. As the title of this post would suggest, Yotto’s bass synths strike a real chord with me. ‘Firewalk’ builds and builds with the aid of echoed vocal and hard hitting percussion, into drops that are ultimately fuelled by these incredible progressive Yotto-esque ‘bassy synths’. The track was hailed by Annie Mac as one to tune into on Radio 1 and I totally see why – though it’s only just surpassed 1/4 of a million Spotify streams I think it has the longevity to outlive everything that came before it. Only time will tell I guess.

Well, I’m looking forward to seeing this guy live in 2017 – and I think you should be too.





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