Bonobo – Migration – Set to Kick Off 2017 In Style

Simon Green, AKA Bonobo, has been gracing our ears with beautifully constructed electronic, down tempo-vibes for the last 17 years. A musical progression of 5 studio albums has culminated in the producer becoming a well respected pioneer for his genre, selling out venues on tours, globally.


From the early days of ‘Animal Magic’ back in 2000, to the incredible ‘The North Borders’ in 2013, Green’s evolution through texture and sound has been an audible journey for his fans. The 3 year break since his last release has been met with some unrest from loyal followers, which has seen outright support for the producer to get back in the creative zone.

In November 2016 graffiti spotted in London’s East end hinted at a return for Bonobo. New artwork with the classic ‘Bonobo’ logo spray painted to a wall indicated that a new album was on the cards, and true to all of our hopes, a sixth studio album was announced for the start of 2017 shortly after.

On November 3rd, the first single ‘Kerala’ was released on Ninja Tune. The first single Green has put out for 3 years came with huge anticipation, and as yet has lived up to most fans’ hope. Continuing in classic Bonobo style, Kerala takes off where The North Borders left, very much a unique sound we have all come to love and appreciate. Green’s use of unconventional electronic chime and percussion with indistinctive echoed vocal combine to maintain the aura of mystery that surrounds a lot of his sound.

Past the heights of albums past such as ‘Black Sands’ and ‘Days To Come’  many of us thought that after 13 years, ‘The Northern Borders’ would be the pinnacle of his productive capacity, but this is not the end of Simon Green, I don’t think we’ve even got started. With Kerala surpassing 2 million streams on Spotify and latest single ‘Break Apart’  teasing more at Migration’s flavour to come, we can all bet that January will serve us a treat when the full album is released.


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